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  • ·         Looking for a film for the whole family, or for a Church movie night?
  • ·         God's Not Dead is a thrilling challenge to believe God, no matter what.
  • ·         Leading this new tide of faith films, God's Not Dead proves that movies can be engaging and suitable for all the family

Introducing the U.S. Box Office smash hit - 'God's Not Dead' - taking Christian cinema to new heights.

Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper, from High School Musical 2) has an eventful first day at college. His Philosophy teacher, Professor Radisson (Kevin Sorbo, from Hercules & Andromeda), begins class by demanding that his new students declare that God is dead. If not, they fail his course. Surrounded by classmates scribbling those three words on their fresh notepads, Josh faces a dilemma.

Does he stand up for his faith or secure his future?

Choosing the narrow path Josh nervously refuses declaring himself a Christian. From that moment on Josh has his own special assignment: to prove God's existence to his atheist professor and his many classmates. Over the course of the semester he must continually stand on the intellectual platform and present his case. Can he actually prove the existence of God?

Described as "entertaining, profound, and powerful", God's Not Dead intertwines stories of faith, doubt, and sheer disbelief. The result is a film that will cause viewers to reflect on their own belief and spark religious discussion. Perfect for family and youth group viewing.

God's Not Dead DVD shows how God works with and through people and how everything fits together in God's plan to help people get where they need to be. The movie also shows that, no matter how little faith you have, God will use that to help those that are in need of God. You'll see how Christians - and non-Christians -  experience God when they really begin to search for the answer to whether God is alive and active.

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Timeless International Christian Media
NPN Video
Region 2 (UK/Europe)
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120 mins
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